Hair Coloring

Our artists/technicians work on a Level System which measures experience and years of dedication. Prices vary with each level.

Hair Salon Body & Soul believes in the importance of using quality and innovative hair coloring systems to ensure multi dimensional, long lasting and vibrantly colored hair. We are a L’Oreal Professionnel Elite Salon that recognizes in using only the best products in the industry.

L’Oréal Professionnel provides exclusive answers to every haircare and styling need. Our stylists desire to create the exact look that our guests are envisioning while supplying professional advice and expertise.

Please note: 

  • Corrective Color and Vivids/Fashion Color are based on consultation.
  • Blowout is not included with a coloring service. Please request when booking.
  • All color consultations are complimentary.
  • Additional fees may apply for extra color mixed.

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Owner
Single Process$60+$65+$71+$80+$90+$100+
Semi-Single Process$35+$37+$46+$47+$54+$65+
Single Process & Glaze$83+$93+$103+$116+$132+$146+
Double Process$83+$93+$103+$116+$132+$146+
Single Process & HighlightN/A$135+$143+$165+$181+$193+
Inoa Single Process (Ammonia-Free)$78+$82+$88+$95+$108+$113+
Inoa Single Process & Glaze$101+$110+$120+$131+$150+$159+
Root Shadow/Base Bump$23+$28+$32+$36+$42+$46+
Face Frame HighlightN/A$70+$72+$85+$91+$100+
Partial HighlightN/A$92+$100+$130+$151+$165+
Full HighlightN/A$125+$135+$165+ $190+$205+
Face Frame Balayage/Teasy LightsN/A$77+$82+$88+$94+$100+
Partial Balayage/Teasy LightsN/A$120+$130+$143+$160+$170+
Full Balayage/Teasy LightsN/A$140+$150+$170+$195+$200+

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