Oncology Skincare

Oncology Skincare

The side effects of cancer treatments take a toll both emotionally and physically on the body. In addition to self-image issues, many guests experience drastic changes to their skin. Our staff has been specially trained to identify which skin conditions can be safely treated and to perform skin treatments that support individuals struggling with the physical and emotional side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. They are certified by iS Cancer Care Program.

Oncology Harmony Facial

In a safe and sanitary environment, our restorative facial uses iS Clinical Skincare, specifically formulated to help alleviate mild epidermal dehydration, dryness, compromised skin barrier, mild inflammation, and hyperkeratinization caused by cancer treatments.

60 minutes

About iS Cancer Care & Philanthropy

INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® pioneers and participates in a number of philanthropic programs and prides itself on exceptional charitable contributions. Our primary focus is funding cancer research, treatment, and programs that improve the quality of life and well-being of patients undergoing cancer treatment.

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