Hair Salon Body & Soul offers a number of massages tailored to your needs that can help with the healing of both mind and body. Our massage therapist aims to create harmony between muscles, tendons, and fascia, creating the ultimate blissful session.


Swedish Relaxation

Designed to calm the body and mind using long nurturing strokes, varying in intensity from light to medium pressure. Add essential oils to enhance your massage with steam towels and your choice of aromatherapy: Citrus, Clarity, Lavender.

60 Minutes
90 Minutes

Deep Tissue

This personalized experience is focused on alleviating overworked muscles using firm pressure, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release techniques to address areas of pain or stress.

60 Minutes


A gentle massage to boost the lymphatic system’s natural response to carry waste and toxins away from the soft tissues. Some focus is given to the abdomen to help move the digestive track to complete the cycle. Finished with warm compresses on the abdomen to soothe and rebalance the energetic field.

60 Minutes


Imagine a place where only you, your breath, and your heartbeat exist. This healing technique creates a still point bringing your mind to a close where the body can begin to heal. Helping to rebalance the nervous energy, releasing intrusive energy to help you reach your state of bliss. Emerge with new fluid energy, a quiet mind, and an overall feeling of wellness.

60 Minutes


Foot health can impact posture, back pain, and internal discomfort. A great foot massage can help alleviate fatigue and pain as well as unblock energy channels that interfere with proper organ function. Reflexology is done with invigorating essential oil-infused hot towels.

60 Minutes

Medical Massage

The focus of this massage is to reduce pain and increase function. Ask your doctor if your condition can be improved through massage therapy.

30 Minutes

Prenatal Massage

A massage to ease the mental and physical fatigue of transformation. Helps improve circulation and reduce swelling for an overall feeling of wellness.

60 Minutes


Hot Stone
Essential Oils : Citrus, Clarity, Lavender

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