COVID-19 Protocols

Dear Hair Salon Body & Soul guest,

Governor Murphy has lifted the mask mandate for fully vaccinated individuals as of Friday, May 28th.

At this time, so we can continue to protect our clients and staff that are high risk, pregnant, or ineligible for the vaccination:

• We can only allow clients and staff to enter the building without a mask if they are willing to show proof of being fully vaccinated as of Friday, May 28th.

• If, as a client, you are willing to provide proof of vaccination, you will only have to show proof once. We will note your vaccination status on your client card.

• Some of our staff, regardless of their vaccination status, will continue to wear a mask, and some will not. Please do not ask the staff or other clients about their personal choice to remain masked or unmasked. Our goal is to continue to keep Hair Salon Body & Soul a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

• If you prefer your stylist to remain masked during your service please let us know. Your comfort is our priority!


Thank you so much for your continued support.

—Maria Veloso, Owner