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29 South Street
New Providence, NJ 07974
(908) 522-9080

Sunday 9-4
Monday Closed
Tuesday 9-6
Wednesday 9-8
Thursday 9-9
Friday 9-7
Saturday 8-5

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(Choose From 7 Different Facial Treatments to Suit Your Needs)

THE EXPERIENCE | $160 and up
Duration: 120 Minutes
This 2 hour facial is truly everyone dream come true. Our therapists will be hands on for the full 2 hours giving your skin the fullest and their advanced expertise in skin care. This facial exfoliates, nourishes, and deeply cleanses the pores. Re-balance your skin and of course do not forget the relaxing and therapeutic massage.This treatment is all you need to replenish your mind, body and soul!

THE GET AWAY | $120 and up
Duration: 90 Minutes
This one and half hour facial is the perfect solution to your everyday skin problems. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, renoursihed and pampered. Our Getaway Facial will leave you glowing inside and out.
THE ON-THE-GO | $50/95 and up
Duration: 30/60 Minutes
This one hour facial is the perfect remedy for people who have a busy lifestyle and can only get an hour for themselves. In one hour your skin will be fully treated with nothing neglected. You will leave feeling like you have spend the entire day.

TEEN FACIAL | $50/80 and up
Duration: 30/60 Minutes
This facial is beneficial for cleansing those clogged pores. Highly recommended, so the natural approach will be used instead of medications that can have side effects at early ages. Teach your teens from the beginning how to take care of their skin properly. (Recommended for Ages 10-17)

MAN OF THE HOUSE | $50/95 and up
Duration: 30/60 Minutes
This facial is designed specifically for ingrown hairs, razor irritation and overactive oil glands. For maximum results, follow up with a skin care regimen at home. You'll notice the difference!

BACK FACIAL | $62/100 and up
Duration: 30/60 Minutes
This facial focuses on deep cleansing, massage, extracting and soothing the skin.

BIKINI ZONE | $62/100 and up
Duration: 45 Minutes
No need to be embarrassed anymore by those unattractive ingrown hairs! Now, Hair Salon Body & Soul, offers this exclusive one-of-a-kind facial. Most beneficial to remove those ingrown hairs and make the bikini line looking clear and smooth again!

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